Integrity honesty importance essay article

Honesty and integrity exclude any exploitation, selfish and prudent use of another person as a tool for achieving own goals.

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Also, you may mention in an honesty definition essay that this concept means the correspondence of our views to the objective state of affairs. Everyone knows from childhood that it is necessary "to tell the truth", that is, not to lie, not to distort the real picture of events, not to compose fairytales that are presented as facts. In this sense, the honest person follows the truth, does not lie and does not deceive. It is believed that honesty is the basis of every virtue.

Indeed, only an honest, truthful attitude towards other people is actually moral, because it involves the recognition of their dignity. No one wants to be deceived and should not act in this way in relation to others. Honesty is closely connected with the dignity of a humanity. A Person who respects himself can't be a cunning liar. The person loses own dignity if he willingly lies, does not appreciate and respect others, puts them in a stupid position, prevents them from properly orienting in current events, ruthlessly confuses them.

However, there is another aspect of this issue which may be considered in an essay about honesty and lying. Do we always have to tell the truth? Is it necessary to loudly announce to a disabled person that he is an invalid, and to an ugly woman - that she is ugly? Is it possible to create something on the basis of honesty that hurts and kills? This is a purely moral problem which can be formulated as follows: why, in each specific case, do we speak the truth and how do we speak it? Real honesty means that the information is reported as objectively as possible.

It's necessary to provide the widest panorama of possible consequences, supporting the confidence and dignity of the interlocutor, no matter what truth we tell him. Philosophers of the East who believe that the unpleasant facts always should be told in a polite form are deeply correct. In practical terms honesty also means loyalty, dedication, devotion. An honest man is not a traitor. He will not deceive hopes and expectations of surrounding people. Such an individual will do exactly what he promised.

Honesty as loyalty is expressed in the joint overcoming of obstacles. If two people go on a difficult trip, an honest man will not leave a friend in the middle of the road and will do his best if the companion should be rescued. Parents should honestly take care of their children, even if kids do not meet their ambitions and fantasies. Growing children should honor their elderly parents. The person who started an important business honestly seeks to bring it to the end. In this sense, honesty may be understood as conscientiousness or reliability.

Finally, it is not difficult to find an example of a definition essay on honesty where this word is used as a synonym for "justice". The phrase "They honestly shared what they earned together" means "shared fairly". In the framework of honest behavior, everyone who participates in a joint undertaking will get the reward or punishment that he deserves.

500+ Words on Integrity Essay

There will be no subjectivism, arbitrariness, personal preferences, and collusion. All the above definitions of honesty show that a man of honor has dignity and pride.

He will never resort to immoral, vile, treacherous behavior. At the same time, for sure everyone has often met opposite concepts: people lie to themselves and others, conceal the truth, distort what exists in reality. You can consider this situation as a central problem of an essay about the meaning of honesty and explain it by several factors.

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  • Integrity honesty importance essay article.
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On the one hand, there are a number of stumbling blocks for the manifestation of honesty, both internal psychological phenomena and diverse social manifestations. On the other hand, there is a lot of insincerity in the modern world because the power of the influence of honesty on life in particular, on the global evolutionary development of personality is underestimated. In many respects, internal qualities such as arrogance, overestimated self-conceit, easily vulnerable ambition are the first and most important stumbling block that prevents a person from looking at himself honestly.

Integrity In Business And How It Translates To Success

Often they do not allow us to admit own incompetence, ignorance, imperfection, to undertake something to fill the gaps in knowledge or skills and to really improve our lives. A number of social and psychological phenomena of modern society support self-deception and make it difficult for a person to be honest with himself. For example, rejection of responsibility, censorship, projection, moral judgments and many other public manifestations contribute to self-deception. Shallow knowledge of own psyche and unconsciousness also do not allow a person to look at himself truthfully.

This concept is widely used in psychology. A psychiatrist and neurologist Sigmund Freud introduced this term. It means the existence and manifestation of deliberately suppressed interests, significant needs which are achieved in the process of satisfying other intentions. For example, when buying a car, the person's positive intentions are speed of movement, convenience, and reliability. At the same time, need to emphasize own social status can be a secondary benefit.

When the secondary benefit contradicts the positive intentions which are consistent with the values and moral norms of the person, it may be forced out of his consciousness.

Owing to unconscious secondary benefits, a person may misunderstand the essence of events, the motives of own behavior. Stress in a persuasive essay on why lying is bad that this is a serious stumbling block for change. To do that you need to know how to write a persuasive essay. For example, the secondary benefits of illness long absence of recovery are often the care and attention of relatives or material rewards insurance. Unwillingness to give up secondary benefits can significantly hamper and slow down the recovery process.

Self-deception can also occur due to the unwillingness of a person to take responsibility for own actions and decisions or their absence. The author of the book "Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life" Marshall Rosenberg considered the rejection of responsibility as one of the types of life-alienating communication. The author described a court session with war criminals.

The subordinates of Nazi officer refused responsibility for their actions using a special official language bureaucratic speech. For example, when criminals were asked why they did certain things, they answered "I had to do it".

Integrity honesty importance essay article

If the question "Why? There are many reasons to choose the path of honesty. If the "sediment" is really strong, as a first step, it will be enough to honestly express all your thoughts on the paper. Only then, if the need has remained, it is reasonable to communicate, of course, already being calm. Otherwise, from a sincere and honest conversation, the dialog will turn to accusations, claims and will lead to the formation of a new "sediment".

Sometimes we have to tell the truth to our friends and relatives. The information we have to report is not always good and pleasant. In your paper, you can describe how to present the truth in the mildest form.

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This problem interests many people, but not all apply existing methods in practice. Truth is always stronger and better than lies.

Honesty And Integrity Essay Sample Paper

But because of the fear of losing friends, we keep the lies inside ourselves and hide the real facts. Explain to the readers that, on the contrary, such behavior can improve relationships with loved ones. After all, not everyone likes to be deceived. But a bitter truth can also hurt a person. People begin to lie in order not to offend each other, and such an attitude to distortion of reality becomes a habit. The tips for people who want to build sincere relationships with the closest surroundings are listed below.

If you cannot keep a lie inside, it's better to tell the truth. No matter how bitter the truth is, it is better than hiding a burden of lies and deceit in own soul throughout life. Tell your friends what you wanted to say for a long time. Do not be afraid of the truth.