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I can say that I do not agree or support the statement, "Love at first sight", but I do believe the statement should go, "Attraction at first sight.

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It has changed my life profoundly and I can say without a doubt that I am in Love. It often bothers me when people say that they have fallen in love after only meeting someone a few times. This bothers me because I have gone through tough times and many difficult stages to acquire love and it has not been easy. Love is probably one of the harder things to define in any language.

I am reminded of my love when I feel complete and secure when I am around this thing or person. Continue reading this essay Continue reading.

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  7. Strong Essays words 3 pages. It seems to be the main underlying goal that we strive for in our lifetime. So, what it really is.

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    I just describe it as the feeling of love. Many people consider love in numerous different ways as they grow older. To me, my view of love eventually becomes deeper and more mature comparing to the time I was young until now. In my life, I have felt into different types of love, which are the unconditional family love, the miler of friendship, and the wonderful love from God Strong Essays words 3. Being a father I knew the look all to well. He had brought his little girl to our little clinic in Addis Ababa for the chance at an AV fistula. Unfortunately having read through her chart with an Ethiopian Anesthesia resident we realized she had suffered two cardiac arrests over the past week for unknown reasons. After hearing this the surgeon, rightly so, had refused to perform the operation, so my hands were tied. I could do nothing to resolve his desperation in fact I was probably going to make it worse Believe in Love at First Sight Essay.

    Love at first sight is more than sexual attraction.

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