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ESEU is an international journal, focusing primarily on Europe, with a broad scope covering all aspects of environmental sciences, including the main topic regulation. ESEU will discuss the entanglement between environmental sciences and regulation because, in recent years, there have been misunderstandings and even disagreement between stakeholders in these two areas.

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ESEU will help to improve the comprehension of issues between environmental sciences and regulation. Although Europe is at the center of ESEU, the journal will not exclude the rest of the world, because regulatory issues pertaining to environmental sciences can be fully seen only from a global perspective.

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Please continue to use SpringerLink to access these articles. Environmental Sciences Europe is associated with the most important societies in Environmental Chemistry in Germany:.

ESEU is an international high-quality journal, focusing primarily on Europe, with a broad scope covering all aspects of environmental sciences and regulation as its main topic. The journal aims to bridge the gap between academia, industry and administrative bodies to report on developments in all aspects of Environmental Sciences, including both basic and applied environmental research, as well as regulatory issues.

Citation Impact 5. Skip to main content Advertisement. Male labour supply, however, does not significantly a Ulrich Hege, Pierre Mella-Barral This paper by Ulrich Hege Toulouse School of Economics and Pierre Mella Barral TSB Business School examines two prominent approaches to design efficient mechanisms for debt renegotiation with dispersed bondholders: debt exchange offers that promise enhanced liquidation rights to a restricted number of tendering bondholders favored under U.

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The authors use a dynamic contingent claims model with a debt overhang problem, where both hold-out and hold-in problems are present. They show that the former leads to a more efficient mitigation of the debt overhang problem than the latter. Dispersed debt is desirable, as exchange offers also achieve a larger and more efficient debt reduction relative to debt held by a single creditor.

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Research organisations and funders increasingly ask researchers to create Data Management Plans for their work and proposals. A lack of standardisation means that these can be time-consuming to create and difficult to compare and evaluate. Science Europe presents a framework for the creation of domain-specific protocols that can be used as standardised templates, reducing the administrative burden on both researchers, research organisations, and funders.

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It outlines points of agreement, as well as additional or alternative recommendations, from Science Europe Member Organisations on how the future of European research should take shape. Science Europe supports some of the conclusions adopted today by the EU Competitiveness Council, but is disappointed by the lack of ambition in others.

In this open letter, the Governing Board of Science Europe reinforces its view that research data should be permanently, publicly, and freely available for re-use. The proposed EOSC aims to further this goal but a number of important questions still remain.

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Joint Statement Research Assessment. Joint Statement Academic Freedom. Practical Guide Research Data.

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