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Teams and Enterprises. Try Udemy for Business. Teach on Udemy Turn what you know into an opportunity and reach millions around the world. Learn more. Shopping cart. Log In. Sign Up. Js Vue JS Django. Graphic Design. Created by Chad Neuman, Ph. Add to cart. Buy now. This course includes. Certificate of Completion. Training 5 or more people? What you'll learn. You will need a subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud or have an older version of Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator if you want to participate in the activities to put what you learn intro practice.

Note: You can also try a day free trial of the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Course Structure In the first few sections, you will learn about the overarching benefits of this course and then learn about various design principles such as proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast, balance, negative space, and rhythm. Instructor Qualifications I've worked in graphic design at newspapers, magazines, and an award-winning advertising design firm. Let's get started learning and creating! Who this course is for:. Featured review. Makenzi Skye Adwell 5 courses, 4 reviews. This is a really amazing class! It teaches the basics of everything you need to know in 3.

I really recommend it for people who know a bit about graphic design already.

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This class teaches you how to really clean up your designs. Course content. Expand all 44 lectures Welcome to Graphic Design Mastery!

In this course, you will learn graphic design principles and practices to make amazing graphic designs. You will learn how to use color and typography effectively.

You will also learn how to use Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator to put what you learn into practice. I've worked as internet development director at an award-winning advertising design firm, as webmaster and advertising layout specialist at a newspaper, as managing editor at two graphic design magazines, and I'm currently a freelancer and full-time university graphic design professor.

So you'll benefit from my experience as well as you create amazing and awesome graphic designs. Let's get started! Preview Mac vs. Join our Facebook group and community to get feedback from me and others! In this lesson, you will learn about the primary elements of graphic design. Some courses offer the opportunity to take part in external visits and fieldwork. It is still the case that students read for a degree and this means that in addition to scheduled contact hours, students are required to engage in independent study.

This allows you to read around a subject and to prepare for lectures and seminars through wider reading, or to complete follow up tasks such as assignments or revision.

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As a general guide, the amount of independent study required by students at the University of Lincoln is that for every hour in class you are expected to spend at least two to three hours in independent study. Contextual Studies 1 Core Find out more. This module is designed to introduce students to relevant concepts, debates, and case study examples concerning creativity and the creative process, as the basis for the development of a reflective creative practice.

This aims to compliment and underpin the studio work students carry out with the programme-specific team during the rest of their programme of study. Design Fundamentals 1 Core Find out more. This module introduces learners into the field of Graphic Design, through an initial skills audit and streamed augmentation process. Thereafter, the module focuses on introducing students to the pertinent theories, technical knowledge, fundamentals, and principles particular to the Graphic Design discipline. Graphic Communication 1 Core Find out more.

This module is concerned with introducing students to the fundamental and underlying principles of graphic communication design practice along with the skills and processes that support it. Through a broad programme of study students will have the opportunity to develop a range of thinking and working strategies relevant to the practice of contemporary graphic design. Visual Expression 1 Core Find out more. This module aims to introduces students to visual expression and personal creative development through the means of appropriate media and processes as they relate to the broad nature of communication design and graphic design practice.

The learning experience is intended to initiate a process of experimentation, speculation, innovation and personal exploration. Contextual Studies 2 Core Find out more. Building upon issues concerning the development of a reflective creative practice, Contextual Studies 2 introduces students to relevant concepts, debates, and case study examples concerning the professional, economic, and socio-cultural contexts of design within the creative industries.

It will also discuss ethical issues as they relate to this professional context of the creative industries and shape the creative motivations of areas such as design activism, ecological orientations, and socially engaged creative practices. These themes and debates will form an overarching discussion of professional design practice. Design Fundamentals 2 Core Find out more. This module will focus on reinforcing the process of applied theories, fundamentals and principles particular to Graphic Design practice at a year two level of study.

Students will be required to complete specific stand-alone project outcomes, but which also fundamentally feed into the other level two modules, Visual Expression 2 and Graphic Communication 2. Graphic Communication 2 Core Find out more. This module encourages a conceptual approach to graphic design work and problem solving whilst developing the highly professional and technical aspects of study acquired in other areas of the course at level two.

Students may gain experience of solving client-related communication problems, meeting client expectations, and presenting creative and original solutions and findings through design projects that reference ethical and social issues. Visual Expression 2 Core Find out more. This module builds upon the aims and themes of Visual Expression 1 but is also compatible with study experiences of a similar nature students may have undertaken elsewhere.

Students may therefore, explore the various facets of visual communication with the intention of communicating complex and varied messages to a range of audiences. Contextual Studies 3 Core Find out more. Design Fundamentals 3 Core Find out more. This Module is aligned with the expectations of the Graphic Design and related industries and is informed by current technological and marketing, industry standards.

The module focuses on reinforcing the process of applied theories, fundamentals and principles particular to Graphic Design practice. Students will be expected to complete specific stand-alone project outcomes, but also those which relate to those for the Visual Expression 3 and Graphic Communication 3 modules. Graphic Communication 3 Core Find out more. This is a module that allows students to determine their own programme of study within their chosen specialism in graphic design.

Projects may be chosen from a range of areas within the subject by negotiation with academic staff. At this level Graphic Design students accept full responsibility for initiating and selecting the content of their study programme, according to their specific interests and career aspirations. The themes studied in preceding Visual Expression modules are further developed at this level. This would include aspects of personal creative development, the further development of a visual voice along with the exploration and exploitation of a broad range of traditional and digital media.

The aim is to provide the student with an opportunity to be innovative and where appropriate include authorial content in their work. Visual Expression 3 Core Find out more. The themes studied in the preceding Visual Expression modules are further developed and consolidated at this level.

This includes aspects of personal creative development, the further development of a visual voice along with the exploration and exploitation of a broad range of traditional and digital media.

What's the Benefit of Earning Your Graphic Design Degree Online?

The availability of optional modules may vary from year to year and will be subject to minimum student numbers being achieved. This means that the availability of specific optional modules cannot be guaranteed. Optional module selection may also be affected by staff availability. The University of Lincoln's policy on assessment feedback aims to ensure that academics will return in-course assessments to students promptly — usually within 15 working days after the submission date.

The way students are assessed on this course may vary for each module. Examples of assessment methods that are used include coursework, such as written assignments, reports or dissertations; practical exams, such as presentations, performances or observations; and written exams, such as formal examinations or in-class tests.

The weighting given to each assessment method may vary across each academic year.

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When a designer joins 99designs, an expert from our team goes through their portfolio and considers the conceptual thought, technical execution and knowledge of design principles evident in their work. They then assign the designer one of three levels:. Writing a poem and writing an academic dissertation both require training and skill, but many writers specialize in one or the other, not both. In addition to looking at overall quality, we specifically vetted each designer on this list to make sure they had experience with and specialized in logo design.

Of course you want someone with design skills, but you also want a logo designer who communicates with you throughout the process, delivers on time and is generally good to work with.