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Predicting transfer students' selection of a STEM major and academic adjustment: A study of community college students at a midwestern university , Terry Burdell Gaalswyk. Experiences of supervision skill development among new professionals in student affairs , Aja Chand Holmes. Chinese high school to American university: The effects and outcomes of international college preparation programs , Jiayi Hu.

Cracking the glass ceiling: A phenomenological study of women administrators in higher education , Lori J. Anchor and launching pad: The role of a Latino cultural center in the experience of Mexican American students at a Midwestern predominantly White institution , Sheila Adele Lozano.

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Predicting application levels and matriculation yield among MBA programs: The use and application of the marketing mix and relationship marketing theories , Michael Carl Norris. Trustee perceptions of effective board functioning: a survey of elected community college trustees in the Midwest , Michelle Robinson.

Socialized scholarship: the role of departmental socialization on the institutionalization of Boyer's scholarship at one large research institution , Christine Kay Twait. Needs analysis and the role of education in rural communities , Miriam Brown Tyson. Dude, where's my passport? Adult learners and student engagement: A study of the influence of student engagement on community college students and their intention to transfer , Ryan Anderson.

Professor camp: A phenomenological study of the origin and persistence of the Wakonse conference on college teaching and learning , Michelle Lea Boettcher.

Examining the construct validity and reliability of student engagement among adult students , Kip Bottenfield. Understanding the journey: A phenomenological study of college students' lived experiences during the weight-loss process , Michael W. Student engagement and student characteristics as predictors of student academic achievement at Illinois community colleges , Randall Louis Egdorf.

Which advanced mathematics courses influence ACT score? A state level analysis of the Iowa class of , Mary L. Examining student achievement and interventions for underprepared vocational math students , Diane Kay Hargens. Latino educational opportunity in discourse and policy: A critical and policy discourse analysis of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics , Susana Hernandez. A case study examining how students make meaning out of using Facebook as a virtual learning community at a Midwestern university , Jerome Hilscher. Faculty views of developmental math instruction at an urban community college: A critical pedagogy analysis , Chad Everett Kee.

Building student connections: A successful first-year experience course and community college retention , Barbara Jean Klein. A quantitative analysis of a mandatory student success course on first-time full-time student college academic progress and persistence , Laurel Beth Klinkenberg.

Multicultural students and civic education: A qualitative analysis of multicultural graduate college students' experiences of civic engagement , Ganna Kokoza.

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The intersection of social capital and finances on intentions to transfer in STEM fields: A study of community college students in a rural midwestern state , Tracy L. Learning engagement of students in clinical healthcare internships , Robert Jerome Loch. A study of the influence of student engagement on community college students' intentions to transfer and STEM aspirations , Bianca Marie Myers.

Female community college presidents: Sharing stories of first-year experiences , Darla Annette Nibbelink Struck. Inside out: An evaluation of the College experience , Thomas M. A phenomenological study of life-changing adult learning in a two-course leadership development series , Scott N. Making their way: An interpretive case study of male first-generation students attending a highly selective liberal arts college , Mark Richard Peltz.

Living in a world with eyeballs: How women make meaning of body image in the college environment , Chrystal Ann Stanley. The community college president and the new norm: perceptions of preparedness to take an entrepreneurial stance in seeking ethical alternative funding , Gregory Thomas.

Predicting community college transfer student success: The role of community college academic experiences on post-transfer adjustment , Kristin LeAnne Woods. Professional learning communities: An analysis of teacher participation in a PLC and the relationship with student academic achievement , Anthony James Aylsworth. Perceptions of the other: Voices of adjunct and fulltime community college faculty , William Wayne Backlin. Exploring the effect of addressing social injustices as a student affairs professional , Laura Lynn Bestler.

Math and science community college faculty: A culture apart , Jane Bradley. Habits-of-mind and practices of high-functioning public baccalaureate and comprehensive universities , Steven Manchester Carignan. The program seeks to produce a new generation of transformational leaders, focused on student learning and able to engage with and lead others in large-scale systemic change.

The dissertation will support this focus and contribute important research to the scholarship on organizational behavior, leadership and school reform.

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Experienced candidates from various fields in education are encouraged to apply. SNHU is committed to enrolling talented individuals who reflect the full spectrum of society, with respect to race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, political beliefs and other personal characteristics.

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