Essay on values of games in education

Most games today are a matter of high skill and right judgment. Hockey, football, cricket and other games are not just a matter of physical exertion and exercise.

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The player must acquire the art of playing a game. Every game, therefore, contributes to the development of the mind and the judgment of a player. The Value of Games in Education offer that Good players show a lot of mental alertness and ingenuity in the course of their play.

Fair play is noble moral quality when practiced in political dealings. The quality is best inculcated in human beings through games.

  • Short essay on the Value of Games (Free to read)?
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The habit of fair play makes a man love honesty, integrity and justice which are great moral qualities. Games also teach the lesson of accepting a defeat on the playfield with a smiling face. A defeated player shakes hands with his victorious opponent and eve offers him congratulations.

Defeat does not dishearten or depress a true sportsman. On the contrary, it provides an incentive for a greater effort. This lesson also is bound to prove useful to a man in the wider sphere of life. Life has its misfortunes, woes, failures. But a man with tough character is not daunted by these.

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Essay on The Educational Benefits of Video Games

Games make a man tough and thus enable him to withstand the sling and arrows of fortune. Games teach retain other lesson as well. They teach team-spirit or the spirit of mutual cooperation. They teach the value of unity or united effort.

Paragraph on Sports and Games

They teach the necessity of always obeying the orders of the captain or the leader. All these are valuable lessons which prepare man to live correctly and nobly. Education aims at building up character and character includes all the qualities mentioned above. Thus the value of games in forming and molding character is very great. Education aims too at developing qualities of leadership in human beings.

Video games in education - Wikipedia

The qualities of leadership are developed most effectively and fruitfully thought games. English for Students. Participation in challenging sports contests teaches children to love challenges. It also teaches them to function in a competitive society. Sport helps to build character and discipline and it gives children the confidence of being an individual with overall development.

Importance of Sports and Games Short assay.

No other thing in life affords children such opportunity to develop positive character traits and to soak up many quality values as sports does. Children first need to get used to playing sports, accept it and get to like it. It will become part of his or her everyday life.

Let them see the values of sports for themselves.

Sports and Games Paragraph

As teachers and parents we must be the example. We must make sports and games fun and we must play by the rules. Viewing games or playing sports together often facilitates emotional bonding and develops a love for the game. As long as a child is involved in sports, he will learn how to overcome obstacles and challenges that will come his way.

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