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As gays and lesbians have been represented in his films since the beginning, we can say that it is indeed a constant element in his work.

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Law of Desire La ley del deseo This film was released at a particular time in his career, a moment of professional emancipation. While it was his sixth film, it was the first produced by the newly created El Deseo S. Since then, the figure of the transsexual reappears in a reiterated way, progressively gaining more space in his work. It is important to note that all of them are trans-women, which is to say, male-to-female transsexuals.

They are portrayed as souls that were prisoners of a body they did not consider theirs, but are now free. It is no surprise that transsexuals face many difficulties in their attempts to reinsert themselves in the job market or family context. Statistics also tell us how they are amongst the most marginalized communities and run high risks of suffering psychological problems and challenges. For example, he shows Tina living with her brother and performing the tasks of a stand-in mother of a little girl who has been abandoned by her biological one.

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The fact that transsexuals and their environment are accepted without discrimination places responsibility on the audience for any prejudice that arises. And the most interesting thing is that his transsexual characters are not just women who abandoned their previous lives as men, but that they also know how to live without them. There is no doubt that the feminine world is the place where these characters find their shelter, comfort and sureness. Psychologists and sociologists have often noted a connection between transexuality and body imprisonment.

A cross-dresser could self-identify with their birth sex but sometimes dress or behave in a non-stereotypical way. Essentially, the umbrella term transgender can include cross-dressing or transexuality but is not limited to them. There was no window. The novel was translated into English and published in under the title Tarantula. After several months of shooting, the film premiered in September, In addition, characters, scenes and ideas in the film connect with some of his previous works.

The motion picture is structured in two halves that cover twelve years. The first half places the audience in the middle of an ongoing narrative, and is intended to disorient the audience, as it is not clearly explained what is happening. The story eventually ties together through a flashback in the middle which goes back to the beginning, before returning to the second half, where the narrative reaches its conclusion.

Theoretical framework for the analysis of the film 6. Chronicle of vengeance. It is the year Another shot displays the cigarral 14 where much of the story develops. Immediately after, the fences surrounding the mansion appear, suggesting a permanent state of captivity. The owner is Robert Ledgard Antonio Banderas , a well-known plastic surgeon specializing in facial transplants who spent years doing research in the private laboratory that he built inside his mansion.

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He has been experimenting for six years on a young woman named Vera Elena Anaya. After numerous skin transplants, he explored the possibilities of transgenesis, which consists of the insertion of genes into a living organism that would not normally contain it. Marilia returned to the house after being away for four years. She is the only person who knows about the existence and captivity of Vera. Even if she is not a central character, she remains an important one, whose coldness and mistrust echoes Mrs. Vera fills her time practicing yoga or making sculptures from fabric remnants.

How and why she ended up a prisoner in that house is a mystery that will be revealed in time.

The two lovers had a car accident when they were trying to get away. Zeca was able to escape, but Gal was trapped in the flames. With the help and care of her husband, Gal survived, but her body and face were so disfigured by the burns that one day, after seeing her reflection in a glass, she decided to dive into the void through the window of her room.

Time goes by and, after Norma shows signs of improvement, Robert decides to go with Norma to the wedding of a friend. The young woman notice Vicente Jan Cornet , who noticed her as well. Vicente, under the effects of alcohol and other recreational drugs, took Norma out to the garden, looking for a quieter place to have sex. However, Norma panics and Vicente, unable to calm her down as she starts to scream, hits her and runs away. At the same time, Robert had been looking for his daughter.

He sees Vicente driving away on his motorbike and then finds Norma lying unconscious in the garden. When she wakes up, she does not recognize her father and, because of the trauma, identifies him as her attacker. Robert decides to get revenge on the person who he believes raped his daughter and caused her death. To this end, he kidnaps Vicente. When he finds out the reason why he has been kidnapped, Vicente tries to explain that he did not rape Norma and that it was a misunderstanding. It was, however, too late, as Robert decides not just to use him as a guinea pig in his transgenic experiments, but also to perform a vaginoplasty and turn him into a woman.

Thus, Vicente became Vera.

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Disconformity with her anatomy brings Vera to refuse everything related with her new sexual condition. Dresses or make-up are totems of a femininity that refuses to accept. Vera wears a tight black jumpsuit that molds her skin while she is healing. After several attempts of suicide, Robert decides to remove all sharp objects and occasionally smokes opium with her. In one of these brief visits, Vera becomes aware that she has acquired power over her creator.

Sensing the attraction he feels for her, she tries to seduce him. One afternoon, when Robert is away, a mysterious man arrives dressed as a tiger. He is in Toledo for the carnival and to hide out where his mother works. Marilia asks him to leave, but Zeca sees Vera on the security camera monitor. While Robert disposes of the corpse, Marilia tells Vera the story of Robert and his family. It is my fault. Marilia does not trust Vera, and warns Robert about the possible consequences of setting her free. However, Robert decides to have faith in Vera and frees her from confinement.

Robert gives her permission to go to the city and buy more clothes, but under the constant surveillance of Marilia. Meanwhile, Fulgencio decides to visit Robert and tries to convince him to reopen the clinic. When Robert refuses, Fulgencio tries to blackmail Robert.

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He shows him a newspaper which has a photo of Vicente that lists him as a missing person. And I was always a woman! She hen returns, closes the door, and shoots him. But Vera is waiting and shoots her as well. Vera then leaves the house and goes to the clothes store owned by her mother.

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She meets Cristina, the assistant who worked with Vicente before he was kidnapped. After talking to Vera, Cristina soon recognizes her as Vicente. The space where Vera moves throughout the film is fundamental to understanding her reclusive situation. It is clear that it is a space limited by both physical and geographical barriers. We know she is in a locked room, that the room is inside of a house, and that the house is isolated and protected by a wall and a large fence.

It is not a cell, but it operates like one.