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Francis, J. Swietenia mahagoni Jacq. West Indies Mahogany. Leucaena leucocephala established by direct seeding in prepared seed spots under difficult conditions.

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Nitrogen Fixing Tree Research Reports 11 — Forest plantations in Puerto Rico. In Tropical Forests: Management and Ecology , eds. Lugo and C. Lowe, pp.

Springer-Verlag, New York. General Technical Report SO Research Note SO Probability of damage to sidewalks and curbs by street trees in the tropics. Journal of Arboriculture 22 4 — Geary, T. Glogiewicz, J. Holdridge, L.

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Preliminary notes on the silviculture of the big-leaf mahogany. Caribbean Forester 2 1 — Institute of Tropical Forestry. Annual report for Caribbean Forester 24 1 :1— King, K. Agri-silviculture the taungya system.

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Lugo, A. Comparison of tropical tree plantations with secondary forests of similar age. Ecological Monographs 62 1 :1— Nutrients and mass in litter and top soil of ten tropical tree plantations. Plant and Soil — Marquetti, J. Marrero, J.

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A seed storage study of some tropical hardwoods. Caribbean Forester 4 3 — Tree seed data from Puerto Rico.

Mahogany Seed as a Termiticide to Kill Termites

Caribbean Forester 10 1 — Reforestation of degraded lands in Puerto Rico. Caribbean Forester 11 1 :3— Results of forest planting in the insular forests of Puerto Rico. Caribbean Forester 11 3 — Martorell, L. May, D. Nobles, R.

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On average a capsule contains 43 germinable seeds. One thousand fresh seeds with wings weigh from Significant differences existed between locality. Capsules collected from Karulai were found to be larger in size when compared to those collected from other localities.

Seeds are winged and dark brown coloured. Longitudinal section of a seed revealed that the seed consists of a minute embryo embedded peripherally at one side within the massive cotyledons which is surrounded by a white thin testa which is again covered by dark brown coloured spongy tail-like wing. The variation in seed weight, germination percentage and germination period could be due to provenance differences, size of capsules, crown size of parent trees, level of seed maturity, site fertility, health condition of parent trees and environmental factors of a locality.

Research Paper About Mahogany

The selection of parent trees having larger capsules appears to be most promising for seed collection. Other subjects. Thesis Vertical Files 1 catalog s found.

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  8. The researcher gathered enough mahogany pods and made into charcoal. The mahogany charcoal was pounded using mortar and pestle to produce the finest dust needed in the production of quality ink. The ink product was tested for its marking ability, blotting ability, life span and life-shelf at 0.