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How To Write Scholarship Essays (2019) - How I Won Several Scholarships Using the SAME Essay!!

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Bad news: this school is closed or no longer available. Bad news: the scholarship you were looking for is no longer available. Notifications Sign up or log in to manage your notifications. You're all caught up. Application Information Sign up to view Already signed up? Log in. Writing one example is not a problem in itself if you can bring out your plethora of qualities clearly and leave no stone unturned.

Elements to Consider When Writing a Leadership Essay

During interviews, I was asked only one example for each of the leadership and networking essays. Chevening is about quality not quantity. However, quality without significant quantity is no quality. Just imagine someone gives you yummy morsel of bread to stimulate your taste buds and says that is all. It is why I encourage you to best use examples. This shows the scholarship team that you are all-round person by diversifying your leadership examples.

Scholarship Essay Examples That Won Money

It is not always a must. After all, the instructions instruct you to use your own examples to convince them that you have leadership potential in you. In fact, I would eliminate most words in that example till the word count is around or less than This requires a special skill which you gain by repeated practice.

Whilst you are grappling with reducing word count, please be advised to use formal English.

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Avoid contractions to beat the word count e. Whereas the authors have taken every effort to provide accurate information, they are not liable for any factual errors that may be contained in this article. A great read. Like Liked by 1 person. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Skip to content Home Contact. Leadership is influence: nothing more, nothing less — John Maxwell Every scholarship world over, has a central and often recurring theme — what it desires to achieve and as such prospective scholars ought to conform to such goals either by a crystal clear demonstration of how they fulfill that objective or how they intend to do so, or usually both as in most scholarships.

To me, the easiest and most effective way to do is; List all jobs including volunteering you have ever had, probably in the last 6 years What was your role position in each of the above jobs you held? What were your tasks job description?

What can you be proud about your job your achievements? Prioritising Examples Prioritising means choosing what to write. A brief Introduction: We advise you to always start with an introduction to your leadership essay. You can use the following tips: Give an overview of what leadership means to you and provide a generic encounter or experience before going on to provide focused examples.

I was born and raised in a typical rural African village. At age 6, I was crafted into tending to and fending for our animals.

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Therefore, I developed organisational, resilience and other leadership skills which have been honed over the years. Start with a personal definition personalised definition of what leadership is e. All my life, I have lived by this intrinsic standard. An introduction that mirrors the question E. Having worked as a…. I supervise over staff as well as one hospital and seventeen health centres covering a population of seventy-five thousand, in primary healthcare provision, promoting healthy rural households. A Concise Conclusion to your Essay: After you have written your essays, it is only fitting and proper that you conclude.

Reducing your Word Count As you should have noticed from the imaginary example above, I wrote just over words. I have put forth a few tips to help you scale down your words; Use active verbs. These save you words and at the same time convey the message distinctly. Avoid adverbs: these are generally unnecessary and take up a lot of your word count yet serve no purposes.

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In your scholarship essays, every word counts. They are not looking at your prolific writing skills. Have you answered the questions correctly? Words such as actually, really, basically etc at times dilute your essays. This helps to avoid the monotonous and often boring use of the same word throughout the essay. Also, replace phrases with single words e.

Use grammatically correct compound words: These words may have a hyphen, often combining two nouns e. However, avoid the trap of forcing nonexistent instead of: it is not existent words. Other examples include end result, joined together. Proofread and proofread your essays: You will be surprised to see that many words are unnecessary. After the first draft, take a few days off to engage yourself in totally unrelated activities. Come back to the essay refreshed.

Strike off all that is nonessential. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Create your website at WordPress. Explain how you meet this requirement, using clear examples of your own leadership and influencing skills to support your answer. I used three leadership examples. I would advise you first list all your accomplishments that demonstrate your leadership abilities and then narrow down on three.

Try to be diverse as much as possible. In my case I was spoilt for choice having led in high school, church, university, family, community level through voluntary work, in my professional career as banker and having vied for a parliamentary seat in the Kenyan General election as an independent candidate.


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In the end I settled on three examples, two from my community work and one while running my campaign. In your first paragraph, introduce your essay in one or two sentences. This should give the reader, a short glimpse of the kind of leader you are. This introduction should link up with your examples and your conclusion.

Immediately after the short introduction, give your first example. The next two examples should each be in separate paragraphs.

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In structuring your examples, always use the STAR approach. Remember this is the same approach you will use to answer your interview questions if shortlisted. At this juncture, let me give you a snippet of my first paragraph which covered my introduction and the first example. My ability to identify community problems, assemble teams and initiate solutions define me as a self-driven and compassionate leader. As a banker in , I founded the Maragua Mentorship Program in response to the dwindling motivation among primary school pupils leading to low performance.

I used my story of rising from humble beginnings, struggling with school fees and growing up as an orphan to inspire them so they could excel in academics. I started with five members and later expanded as mentors could refer others. I also designed a Google form and posted it on my personal Facebook account inviting young professionals and university students who could mentor pupils to join. Later, we identified gaps in school materials and mobilized funds for buying geometrical sets and revision textbooks. As of June , over fifty public primary schools had permanent mentors who broadened their activities to financially supporting bright but needy pupils joining secondary schools.