Narrative essay on peer pressure

Affects of giving into peer pressure can lead to taking drugs, drinking alcohol, and having sex.

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By researching why adolescent give into peer pressure, what age peer pressure begins , what different forms of peer pressure looks like , the outcomes of peer pressure, and how to prevent adolescent giving into peer pressure Powerful Essays words 3. We recorded jogging with the greatest change in both systolic change in 26 and diastolic rate change in 8. Our hypothesis was wrong as we thought jumping jacks would cause the great change as it requires the exercise of the entire body including all four limbs Peer pressure is an issue that can be found in many places, with many varying degrees, but often happens for the same reasons.

Peer pressure can cause drug and alcohol addictions, being caught shoplifting, failing exams, and other problems.

Narrative essays on peer pressure

It has many causes, with many contributing factors, but is most prevalent during the teenage years, as teens look beyond the guidance of their parents, and seek answers from their peers If ones blood pressure is too high or too low it may cause cardiovascular problems in the future. When blood pressure is measured, a cuff is placed on your arm, we will add pressure to this cuff to temporarily stop the blood flow.

With a stethoscope we will then listen to your blood flow. By doing this we get two measurements, the first is systolic pressure. Systolic pressure is the reading when the blood is being contracted by the heart, or when the heart contracts, and diastolic pressure, measured when the heart relaxes Powerful Essays words 1.

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Hypertension usually is there with no symptoms. It may happen and remain unseen for many years. People, until told by a medical physician generally overlook high blood pressure. High blood pressure, sometimes called hypertension, happens when this force is too high. Powerful Essays words 2. Hypertension diagnosed when a person has tension, or high pressure, in their arteries.

Persuasive Essay on Peer Pressure

In two experiments, we examined the effectiveness of a peer-monitored token system on reducing disruption and nonparticipation during a transition period of a kindergarten class for behaviorally impaired children. Additionally, the effect of providing and subsequently withholding corrective feedback to peer mediators on the accuracy of their point awards was evaluated Free Essays words 3.

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After finding the right group I found that my grades increased and I was happy and more liked by others. Finding the right peer group will only make life better and more fun and will keep you to doing your best. Negative peer pressure is a large problem with teens and happens all the time. Negative peer pressure can encourage teens to do things they would never do on their own such as doing drugs, drinking, smoking, skipping class, stealing, and vandalism.

When I was associated with the wrong group I would skip class every day and not care. I would also pressure other people to skip with me.

Positive Peer Pressure

I encouraged good friends to do bad things and they went along to fit in with me and to be cool. Learning to stand up for negative peer pressure will help show others that they can also stand up to it and help stop it.

Although negative peer pressure is the most heard about there also is positive peer pressure. Positive peer pressure is pressure from your peers to do positive things such as getting good grades, joining sport teams, volunteer, get healthy, and to avoid doing drugs. With my new friends and girlfriend I was encouraged to stop smoking and to get a job. I now have a happier life and am a well-rounded person.

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Positive peer pressure is something a teen must have in their life to help them stay on track and do well. Peer pressure is something that everyone has and is everywhere and it happens to everyone.

You get your peer pressure from your peer groups. Depending on the peer group you choose will depend if you get positive or negative peer pressure. With the wrong group you may end up doing drugs, drinking, smoking, skipping class, stealing, and vandalism but if you take your time to find the right group who shares your values you may just have a great life and have great friends.

Peer pressure is on everyone but you need to learn how to handle it. Pledge, Deanna. The Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Health. Taylor Grasso site map.

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