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The Constant Gardener: A Novel

Answer Fall of Man What was Adam, the first man, really like? Using his privileged access to diplomatic secrets, he will risk his own life, stopping at nothing to uncover and expose the truth—a conspiracy more far-reaching and deadly than Quayle could ever have imagined. He is a stiff servant of the Empire who prefers to keep his hands clean except when tending his garden, get it?

His wife Tessa Rachel Weisz could not be more different. She is a political radical and a thorn in the side of the government that employs her husband. Within the first five minutes of the film she makes one too many enemies and is found murdered. We learn of conspiracy theories Tessa had involving drug manufacturers and assorted governments.

The film also starts out quite cold with de-saturated colors and clinical dialogue but eventually does become vibrant as the once dull Justin is transformed into a swashbuckling crusader for the truth. While it is a work of fiction the filmmakers do manage to point fingers at American and British foreign policies. Did they think that the African AIDS crisis would get more exposure if its images were delivered in a slick political thriller?

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Or did they simply want to class up a run of the mill story of international intrigue by shoehorning in a socially conscious topic? The African people are used mostly as exotic set dressings or to trigger an emotional response from the audience. In spite of its faults though the film has a heart and is well crafted so I recommend it.

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Her life is her work and she keeps secrets from her husband. Even the attempts to defend the humanity of the weak is at the high price of valuable human lives, relationships and integrity. It also displays British and American Alliance as completely corrupt and villainous in its affairs with foreign countries.

The best part of the film is the acting itself and the beautiful photography of Kenya. Although the story itself is not upbeat and positive, there is much to learn from it. I like movies that engage you and that are suspenseful, and this one was both. Without them we destroy ourselves and those we love.

A true work of art and a love story with a conscience. I will never reach a single person for Christ if I live in a self-righteous bubble and do not allow myself any contact with people or ideas unlike mine. The world will never be impacted if all the Christians stay away from the world.

It promotes the gospel message of Jesus Christ—to love people no matter their faith or skin color or country of origin and help those in need.

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Jesus commands us to love God and to love other people. There is nothing more important on this Earth than doing that. I would hope that Christians would stand up and fight back, just as the characters in the movie did. This movie is also good at pointing out how corruption is possible. We as Christians can take that point in the movie, and pray for those that are corrupt to see the pure love of Jesus.

Because as much as we want to believe we live in a utopia here in America , corruption happens. But God knows, and praying about is the most powerful thing we can do. Unlike polished Hollywood thrillers, there is no happy ending to this one. Certain scenes are actually difficult to watch, and I almost left. The main story of the movie is how idealistic people risk their lives trying to expose and bring to justice unconscionable practices by pharmaceutical companies.

I am glad, however, to have seen scenes of Africa, which I believe to be factual, and the acting was especially good. I wonder if any of this thematic material was based on fact. There is also quite a bit of sexual immorality interspersed throughout, and I supposed I should not be surprised by that. Unaware of the secret nature of her work, Justin suddenly and unexpectedly finds himself caught in the crossfire of a multi-Billion dollar international conspiracy and cover-up over the secret testing of experimental drugs on marginalized populations in Africa.

Overall, this is an above average and well made film.

There are adult themes minor nudity and some violence, neither of which is gratuitous nor disproportionate to the context. I would definitely not recommend this for children or young teens. Some things that make The Constant Gardener worth seeing are: —…a movie tailor made for Kofi Anon and Al Gore, not to mention the rest of their liberal entourage.

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  7. Sadly this is how the two stars begin their romance. Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weiz meet by Fiennes hailing her as a heroic person with such conviction and how he admires her desire to see justice served. The Constant Gardner is a thriller, romance and terribly slanted and wrong documentary about the pharmaceutical companies purposefully murdering African men, women and children by test marketing a new drug to the poverty stricken refugees. The movie blames the delemna of suffering on the lack of necessary drugs in Africa on the lack of funding because America and Britain are in the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies.

    They ignore the fact that the African government and the UN are tied in closely and completely ignore the fact that because both are corrupt and pocket the money that is given for aid, the true and provable reason the African people are not being helped. As a reviewer I would give this movie 3 of 4 stars, however as a Christian and a Moderate Conservative, I would have to give this movie 1 of 4.

    The constant gardener essay

    Pay Special Attention to This: I am not saying that this is purposeful however one of the bad guys in the movie, the one with the most screen presence, actually resembles Jeb Bush. When I first saw him, I was thinking, wow he looks like Jeb and sure enough he was the bad guy, we quickly find out. I know that you will say that this is my right wing mind thinking but just look at the picture and tell me that it does not look like Jeb.

    I am the kind of person who prides myself on seeing both sides of an issue and really strives to understand where other people are coming from. Even if I totally disagree with their point of view. However, blatant dishonestly clothed in truth is very hard for me to understand. This movie is clearly made with an agenda that screams hatred toward conservatives and hatred toward the US Government and British Government.

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