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Augustine, Erasmus, John Locke, I. Booth, and Andrea Lunsford. The course seeks to develop in students a lifelong interest in rhetoric and an understanding of how it contributes to the foundations of Western thought and higher education. We will discuss how rhetoric can help us to shape identities, interpret texts, and communicate effectively.

Students will analyze the design elements of print and digital documents. Students work with faculty to write new material, revise old material, and assemble a portfolio that best represents their creative writing goals, strengths, and achievements. This course will introduce students to theories of literary criticism and translation; themes to be discussed include formal vs.

The course will also address cross-cultural and cross-generic interpretation and adaptation. This course provides an overview of opportunities for freelance writers, ranging from ghost writing to corporate communications to feature articles. Students study a variety of models, identify types of freelance work they want to pursue, learn to position and market themselves, and build a portfolio. Students will study essays from Montaigne to the present, examine outlets for essay writing, and write and revise their own work to develop an individual essay-writing voice.

An advanced, intensive study of a topic that engages rhetorical theory.

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Students in this class will examine and discuss complexities of negotiating rhetorical situations, competing ideologies, and other elements that factor into modes of human communication. The seminar project includes an oral presentation to other majors and to the English Department faculty. Intensive practice in various types of informal and formal reports used in business, technical, and professional contexts.

Students work on projects in teams with frequent conferences conducted by the instructor.

Principle genres will include romances, lyrics, ballads, fabliaux, dramas, allegories, and legends. Course material may be arranged by either genre or by theme. Concentration on the history of ideas e.

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Major ideas discussed include empire and nationhood, social class, slavery and abolition, and the use of literature as a political tool. Attention is also given to the seeds of modernism within the writing and thought of the period. Writers to be covered may include Joseph Conrad, G. Shaw, E. Forster, D.

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Lawrence, W. A study of American traditions and forms from native myth and discovery narratives to colonial and enlightenment poetry and prose.

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Consideration of the relationship between individuality and American identity will also be given. Studies major U. The other papers include the analysis of unseen poetry and prose and individual coursework. Component 4 requires more detailed and extensive research and wider reading and therefore the assimilation of more material in the word essay. Shakespeare King Lear. Please see induction booklet, reading lists and VLE for details of coursework texts and wider reading.

Poetry and drama will be taught alongside this. The process of recapitulation and summing up was complicated by the disclosure, in , of Richard Bachman, the pseudonym under whose cover King had published five novels over a period of eight years.

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Invented for business reasons, Bachman soon grew into an identity complete with a biography and photographs he was a chicken farmer with a cancer-ravaged face , dedications, a narrative voice of unrelenting pessimism , and if not a genre, a naturalistic mode in which sociopolitical speculation combined or alternated with psychological suspense. In , when the novels with one exception were collected in a single volume attributed to King as Bachman, the mortified alter ego seemed buried. Like Scheherazade, the reader is reminded, Sheldon must publish or literally perish.

The young writer-protagonist Thaddeus Beaumont has a series of headaches and seizures, and a surgeon removes from his eleven-year-old brain the incompletely absorbed fragments of a twin—including an eye, two teeth, and some fingernails. Nearly thirty years later, Beaumont is a creative writing professor and moderately successful literary novelist devoted to his family. What Stark wants is to live in writing, outside of which writers do not exist.

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However, the writer is also a demon, vampire, and killer in this dark allegory, possessing and devouring the man, his family, friends, community. Jekyll and Mr. Once again, the man buries the terrible child in order to possess himself and his art. In dramatizing the tyrannies, perils, powers, and pleasures of reading and writing, Misery and The Dark Half might have been written by metafictionists John Fowles to whose work King is fond of alluding or John Barth on whom he draws directly in It and Misery. Alone and helpless, Jessie confronts memories including the secret reason she struck out at Gerald , her own fears and limitations, and a ghastly visitor to the cabin who may or may not be real.

The aptly named Dolores Claiborne is trapped more metaphorically, by poverty and an abusive husband, and her victory too is both violent and a sign of her developing independence and strength. Archetypal themes also strengthen the two books: Female power must overcome male dominance, as the moon eclipses the sun; and each woman must find her own identity and strength out of travail, as the darkness gives way to light again. King uses mythology and gender issues more explicitly in Rose Madder, which evenly incorporates mimetic and supernatural scenes.

The books are daring departures for King in other ways. In fact, all of Dolores Claiborne is her first-person narrative, without even chapter breaks, a tour de force few would attempt.

Dolores Claiborne is especially successful, her speech authentic Mainer, and her character realistic both as the old woman telling her story and as the desperate yet indomitable wife, the past self whose story she tells. In these novels, King reaches beyond childhood and adolescence as themes; child abuse is examined, but only from an adult point of view.

Dolores and Jessie—and the elderly protagonists of Insomnia—reveal King, perhaps having reconciled to his own history, exploring new social and psychological areas. Both are relatively young, and Jo, Mike learns, was pregnant. Because Mike is unable to father children, he begins to question whether Jo was having an affair. As Mike slowly adjusts to life without Jo, he is forced to make another adjustment. Formerly a successful writer of gothic romance fiction, he now finds that he is unable to write even a simple sentence.

As Mike quickly learns, Sarah Laughs is haunted by ghosts, among them the ghost of blues singer Sarah Tidwell. Having rescued Kyra from walking down the middle of Route 68, Mike quickly becomes friends with both Kyra and Mattie. Lance had nothing to do with his father after learning that his father had tried to bribe Mattie into not marrying him. The truth is, however, that Max wants to gain custody of Kyra and take her away to California; he will do whatever it takes to accomplish that. As Mike sleeps at night, he comes to realize that there are at least three separate spirits haunting his cabin.

One, he is sure, is Jo, and one, he determines, is Sarah Tidwell. The third manifests itself only as a crying child, and Mike cannot tell whether it is Kyra or some other child. Mike and Kyra share a special psychic connection that allows them to share dreams and even to have the same ghosts haunting their homes—ghosts who communicate by rearranging magnetic letters on each of their refrigerator doors. Mike also realizes that Kyra, the last descendant of this t Rage dy, is to be the final sacrifice used to put Sarah Tidwell to rest.