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This shows that Ralph is really angry at Jack for what he said and did to Piggy. He is still attempting to impose himself as leader here as he says this in an aggressive and assertive tone.

Lord of the Flies Revision: Characters

This suggests there is still some glimmers of civilisation on the island at this point as there is still someone with a sense of moral goodness ready to fight for justice. In conclusion The Lord of the Flies by William Golding is a novel in which the theme of savagery versus civilisation is shown. Ralph represents civilisation as he wants to enforce rules and let everyone have an equal say. Whereas Jack who represents savagery as he rules over the boys and he is not interested in what they have to say.

“Lord of the Flies”: Qualities of a Good Leader Essay

Through the boys actions Golding shows us that we need rules and to consciously impose them to make sure society functions properly. This essay was really helpful and thought provoking. I noticed a comment about how this essay could improve and I understand that this essay follows Scottish Qualifications, but I just have two suggestions to improve it.

There are mistakes in this as it was written by a National 5 class and is an exact sample essay as written by the pupils equivalent to GCSE and as a result of that there are some errors. It does talk about the same thing over and over again — civilisation versus savagery — but it is supposed to as this was the focus of the essay question. When writing a critical essay you need to pick out things from the text that answer the question.

You will notice that different things are picked out from the text that relate to the fight between civilisation and savagery — whether this is the symbols used in the book or the actions of some of the characters. Once this has been selected to speak about you need to lift evidence from the text to support what you are saying and then explain it to your readers.

I hope this has helped you understand the point of the essay a bit better. Is this essay meant to be for a GSCE course?

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This text is being used by students in a Scottish Secondary School for their National 5 English qualification. They sit their exam at the equivalent age to those studying GCSEs. This essay would be a minimum pass at National 5 in Scotland. It is written by students and is simply an example of what students could write in their exam. I was desperate to know what to write in the conclusion but then this conclusion gave me some help, Thank you. Thank you so much!!

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The points in this essay are extremely helpful and I was able to interlink them in my GCSE exam today. Very helpful source!! Your email address will not be published. Ms Davidson. Hi Anna, This would probably get out of 20 at National 5 in the Scottish system. But I tell you smoke is more important than the pig, however often you kill one.

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  5. Do all of you see? This quote displays how Ralph is attempting to maintain order and civilized behaviour. By being the first to tell them what to do and by showing initiative and by setting goals for the boys to follow, he prepares practical plans that will help the boys get rescued. He is trying to tell them what do to help save them so they will not die. Ralph also shows an immense amount of initiative when most of the other boys are concerned with playing, having fun, and avoiding work. Ralph decides to build huts as a method of survival.

    This expresses how Ralph has this idea, and stuck with it for the safety of himself, and the others on the island. Ralph is always on the look out for opportunities and ideas to help the group get rescued. In chapter four Ralph and Piggy see a ship in the distance.

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    They run to the top of the hill to try and light the signal fire but it is too late and the ship had already passed. This shows how Ralph took the initiative to run all the way to the top of the hill, just to try and light the fire, so the boat will see it and rescue them. His main goal is to be rescued, and he tries to do many things to accomplish his goal. The theme of chaos is demonstrated through the loss of control, power-struggle, and the fight for survival on the island.

    Lord of the Flies

    As a leader, Ralph possesses the quality of responsibility. This quote demonstrates how Ralph takes control in tough situations, acts responsible, and tries to create a mini-society filled with laws to abide by. His ability to keep the other boys calm and protected, allows all of the problems that the boys face to be easily resolves. Ralph also takes the responsibility to set a strict set of appropriate rules for the boys on the island. These rules include using the designated toilet area and making sure that the signal fire never dies out, along with gathering an abundance of water, and building shelters.

    At a point in the novel, the boys neglected these rules and there was failure on the island. Ralph arranges meetings to make sure everything is running smoothly on the island, along with assuring the safety of the boys.


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    The kids fear the beasties and have nightmares regarding the beasties existence. Ralph has the idea that the kids should wait until the morning to climb the mountain because it will be difficult to destroy the monster at night. This shows the role of responsibility to ensure that everyone is safe and calm on the island. He shows a great amount of courage and determination to be rescued, and survive. This shows the determination and courage that he uses to protect himself.

    In chapter six the boys reach a part of the island that they have never seen or visited before.