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This is a report about analysis of Ryanair. Including the marco and mircoenviroments anlysis and suggestions in words - 17 pages characteristics and strategy and SWOT analysis make a clear picture about the Ryanair's situations.

The sustainable competitive advantage in Ryanair is differentiations and low costs. As Ryanair keep on doing this way, they will have a brilliant future.

SWOT Analysis of Ryanair Essay Example

The key factor for success is customers, competition and corporate. But actually it is a basic view.

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So, how can we do in is a key question for the Ryanair. I make some points relevant to the basic. Due to the cuts in costs, but the amount of revenue increasing, Ryanair has been able to obtain a steady growth in profit since its induction in This indicates that weak employee relations may be linked to the poor customer service.

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Excellent customer contact with frontline employees is vital to the customer. BA is a more traditional, long haul full service carrier, while RA is part of the new bread of short haul, low cost, low frills carriers. The aim of this report is to give an overview of the industry, and the two companies, looking briefly at their history and future strategy and then to perform a financial analysis on both companies from.

Case Study - EasyJet words - 19 pages -service carries sector mainly because of the need to reduce operational costs and therefore product prices. Marketing placement words - 7 pages 1. The strength part and the weakness part are focused on the internal environment of CAS while the opportunity and threat are about external problems. Through a global perspective. The corporation need to do an in house study which focuses on what that particular strategic advantage is and then leverage that advantage. It is also necessary to profile the competition and determine its objectives, resources, market strength and current strategy.

This has led to an increased competition on price among the airliners and consequently to the need of airliners to increase cost efficiency in order to maintain their margins.

Another technological factor has been the improvement of airplane technology. More cost efficient aircrafts have made it easier for low cost carriers to maintain low fare levels. Furthermore the increase in safety has contributed to a higher trust of the passengers in air travel and thus helped in raising the demand in the industry. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? How about receiving a customized one?

Environmental Factors need to do further research! Socio-cultural factors Since the airline industry provides a service it is very dependent on its customers that become part of the airliners operations. Related essay samples Greatest Strengths of United Airline 1 United Airlines has one of the largest fleets in the country which serves many destinations. Its presence in the market is so strong that Marketing Management in Aviation Aer Arann began in and it now has an operation span of flights per week across 40 routes.

One of the reason why the days inventory is high compare to its competitors is that Ryanair Holdings Plc is not very good at demand forecasting thus end up keeping higher inventory both in-house and in channel.


SWOT Analysis of Ryanair Holdings PLC Essay example

There are gaps in the product range sold by the company. This lack of choice can give a new competitor a foothold in the market. The company has not being able to tackle the challenges present by the new entrants in the segment and has lost small market share in the niche categories.

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Ryanair Holdings Plc has to build internal feedback mechanism directly from sales team on ground to counter these challenges. Days inventory is high compare to the competitors — making the company raise more capital to invest in the channel. This can impact the long term growth of Ryanair Holdings Plc The marketing of the products left a lot to be desired.

Even though the product is a success in terms of sale but its positioning and unique selling proposition is not clearly defined which can lead to the attacks in this segment from the competitors. Organization structure is only compatible with present business model thus limiting expansion in adjacent product segments. Opportunities for Ryanair Holdings Plc — External Strategic Factors Article continues after advertisement Opening up of new markets because of government agreement — the adoption of new technology standard and government free trade agreement has provided Ryanair Holdings Plc an opportunity to enter a new emerging market.

Government green drive also opens an opportunity for procurement of Ryanair Holdings Plc products by the state as well as federal government contractors. New customers from online channel — Over the past few years the company has invested vast sum of money into the online platform. This investment has opened new sales channel for Ryanair Holdings Plc. In the next few years the company can leverage this opportunity by knowing its customer better and serving their needs using big data analytics. New environmental policies — The new opportunities will create a level playing field for all the players in the industry.

It represent a great opportunity for Ryanair Holdings Plc to drive home its advantage in new technology and gain market share in the new product category.

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Stable free cash flow provides opportunities to invest in adjacent product segments. With more cash in bank the company can invest in new technologies as well as in new products segments. This should open a window of opportunity for Ryanair Holdings Plc in other product categories. Economic uptick and increase in customer spending, after years of recession and slow growth rate in the industry, is an opportunity for Ryanair Holdings Plc to capture new customers and increase its market share.

Lower inflation rate — The low inflation rate bring more stability in the market, enable credit at lower interest rate to the customers of Ryanair Holdings Plc.