Snow descriptive essay

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How to Infuse Your Writing With Oodles of Personality (in 3 Steps)

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  2. Introduction & Welcome: It's National Nutella Day.
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Introduction & Welcome: It's National Nutella Day

Write with piercing precision. Appeal to the senses and use strong imagery. Let readers feel the personal impact. How word choice shapes your voice How vivid writing makes you unforgettable case study 4 ways to add pizzazz to boring topics Want to write better? Now check your email to confirm your subscription.

Thank you Henneke, the descriptive examples you shared were fun to read and very helpful as I embark on my writing adventure. Once again you inspired me to write something immediately. And even though I had no idea what I would write, it flowed out of me.

And it turned out to be a Bio piece if I were so bold as to use it. To be stirred as your writing always stirs me is reward enough. Thanks so much, Henneke and may your day be blessed. It makes me happy that my writing inspires you to write. Very few are gustatory, responding to smell and taste references.

I have found it very useful to include words and phrases in my writing, especially marketing copy, that embrace different styles of expression and learning. I am glad you took the time to comment on an old post. Thank you, Sue. I love your point on communicating multi-sensory experiences.

I find that in different situations, I respond to different senses. It seems that smells can bring up strong memories for me. When editing, I remove these. I look forward to reading it! Thank you for your recommendation. I suppose in this area, a foundation in creative writing would certainly help to add flair to descriptions.

Introduction & Welcome: It's National Nutella Day

The art of melding your creative writing voice and your professional voice to create a smooth, natural, non-stuffy persona that informs and also entertains readers at the same time —I think, Henneke, you have mastered it. Yes, I agree with you. Blending creative writing skills with an understanding of persuasion is a great combination.

I really love your point about impact. I used to be a senior marketing writer at a high tech company. I wrote stories directed to non-technical audiences about our work. Writing about the technology was boring to outsiders. But if I could describe how the technology helped first responders get food, water, and ice to disaster victims, the story instantly had more appeal.

Writing About the Weather in Fiction

The technical details are uninteresting outside a techie audience, but how technology changes lives is interesting for everyone. Firstly, not everyone needs to write with personality. Look, for instance, at the example of Vitamix in the post. The tone is more serious than the copy of Purple. The right tone for copy always depends on the brand or the writer and who the audience is.