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As you can see the park was crowded of people which make for me difficult to have wonderful shot. I think the sunlight make the photo nice. These are some other photos that i shot it at Dubai Miracle Park which show other beautiful landscape such as UAE symbols and cars. In winter also I and family visit Sir Bani Yas island which is one of the largest natural islands in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and this island is just kilometers from the city of Abu Dhabi.

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There are a lot of facilities that you can enjoy it while you visit this island such as The Arabian Wildlife Park, which is home to more than 10 thousands of animals and it is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in the region of the Arabian Peninsula, which covers more than half the area of the island. The most prominent animals comprising in this island are Arabian oryx, gazelles and giraffes, in addition to the hyenas and leopards Huntress. I think Sir Bani Yas Island become one most important places to visit since it includes a lots of activities and facilities such as wildlife viewing, and activities in the heart of nature, and a hotel with five-star quality services and sites of historical importance.

I took this photo when I had toured around AD at the helicopter. Actually cannot take a lot of photo since I felt dizzy but the view from the top was amazing.

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I love this photo because it shows that there are a lot of island in AD and the huge building become very small from the top which make the photo beautiful and it add depth to the photo. Emirati Culture Photo Essay.

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Search this site. Summer in UAE. Winter in UAE. They went to outdoor places such as desert, mountain, valleys and others. Families enjoying the winter weather at RAK. Also these three photos I shot it in Al Shocah Valley, as you can see the place was crowded with emirate families enjoying the wonderful weather and the beauty of nature. Most of these families come here to have their launch or to have their afternoon tea while their children playing in the rain water.

The cars and people between the mountain, water rain and cloudy sky add new depth to the photos. Children enjoy playing in the rain water.

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These pictures illustrate children having fun through playing in the water or claiming the mountain with their family. In this photos. Valley comes through trees. After the sunset I shot this photo. I like this photo because show the valley comes through these trees.

Also I love the colors because I shot it after sunset which makes the colors more dark. Sunset light reflection on the trees and cloud. A lot of people comes to this valley to swim, have fun and enjoy beauty of nature. The attractive thing in this photo is the water that come through huge mountain. You can feel from this photo that there is life in this barren environment which add depth to the photo and make it beautiful.

Also the UAE flag makes the photo nicer. This photo I focus on the huge mountain. As you can see from the photo a lot of emirate families camped in the Al Warqa Desert and they design there tents with UAE flag and these families rent these lands from the government during the winter period.

Emirates families are enjoying the beautiful weather in Al Warqa Desert. Emirates families are enjoying the beautiful weather in Al Warqa Desert and enjoying their time by chatting with each other and their children playing on the sand or playing motorcycle.

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I love this photo as because it shows the sunset and sun lights add new death to the photo. Global Village. Global Village is the place where you can visit the entire world just in one day. Global Village is one of the most important annual events that Dubai Government organized it in winter and people around the world come to run a business in Dubai.

This event attracts a lot of tourists especial from GCC. I and my family enjoy a lot visiting Global Village since we can do shopping and play in same place. Recreational and Cultural Performances. Also Global Village organize a lot of recreational and cultural performances which were shown for the first time in the Middle East such as Spanish show, Indian show, Egyptian show and others. These shows attract a lots of people because they want to see others people culture. A love these photo because I think that I shot it in right moment.

Moroccan village. Al Ain Zoo. I love this photo because it show how beautiful this birds are and the long grasses with Twigs pink which is similar to the birds color make the photo more beautiful. Feeding animals.

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These also some of my favorites photos which shows animals while they eating. These photos I focus in the animals. Arabian Wildlife Park. On the other hand, the season is the time for eating different kinds of cake , hot chocolates , hot coffees , etc. Winter season in the Polar Regions experiences the most severely frozen climatic conditions over the entire planet. The normally ice-covered regions, expand in their dimensions and the temperature drops to its lowest levels.

The few animals and birds that can survive these cold climates undergo hibernation for their survival. Winter season varies in severity and intensity across different geographical regions of the world.

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People prepare themselves in different ways to face the climate changes of the winter season. As a result, winter is the most enjoyable season. People want to make the season memorable. Finally, winter is the time to spend a precious moment with friends and family. Winter is one of the four seasons we have in India. It begins in December and ends in March. Conclusion As much as the winter season is pleasing and beautiful to behold, the excess cold, snow, and thick fog are of disadvantage to both human and some living creatures.